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TextMercato is managed by a team of professionals with varied skillsets. Be it strategy, content delivery, or managing projects, we have got you covered. The holistic approach helps in better execution.


“Without goals, and plans to reach them, you are like a ship that has set sail with no destination.”
— Fitzhugh Dodson

At TextMercato, we always stress on where you are today and where you want to be in the given timeline. The current status is a perfect platform to understand the future direction, scale, and strategize.


Get your strategy and goals under one umbrella

Metrics driven

Is it about engagement scores, traffic, or leads? Let’s measure!

Customized to your goals

Choose the right channel for the right reason, there is no one-size-fits-all solution.


Your dedicated digital strategist is someone who understands your business.



“Your efficiency lies in the seamless execution”, and this is what we do powered by strong processes, tech assistance, and human judgement.

At TextMercato, we have Account Managers, Category Managers, and Content Experts who are responsible to manage on-time delivery, quality expectations, and the adherence to the brief. The platform is aided with ‘Tech Check’ and ‘Quality Management’ tools to ensure the desired outcome.

A robust workflow

The entire process of production is managed and tracked till delivered and approved.

Picking the best

With over 10,000+ writers, we choose the once that best suits your requirements for quality and scale.

Quality management

Workflow adhered, tech assisted, and edited to suite your requirements. The best of all worlds!

Review management

Review and approve, share feedback for any changes. The flexibility to manage is yours.

Performance and Distribution
(coming soon!)

The proof of the pudding is in eating it! All your strategy works only if you have been achieving the goals you set for yourself.

At TextMercato, there is a plan, there is a delivery, and post that a review on how close you are to the goals you set. This process is of continuous improvement and keeps going till your ROI (Return on Investment), CAC (Customer Acquisition Costs), CPL (Cost per Lead), are achieved.

Data based reporting

Are we meeting the targets you set for us? Are your priorities addressed using clean and clear metrics?

Distribution support

How best can we get you into the ecosystem of Ads, Bloggers etc,. because time is finite.

Review discussion

How far are you from the goals? What steps need to be taken to pace it up?


A continuous process, hold what is good and change what needs to improve.


1000+ Businesses Trust TextMercato for Their Content Needs

Let’s hear from you on how we can positively contribute to your goals!