Why Work With Us?

Industry related experienced content creators on demand

Creation of content is about connecting and adding value to your users. So, we focus on knowing what your users want (SEO, User Research), understanding their behavior (analytics) and most importantly delivering the right content, at the right time, at the right place.

Digital Content Platform

Manage all your content on our all-in-one-platform. Place your orders, track progress, and manage the project with the support of a stellar customer service team.

Managed Accounts

Have large needs or need someone to help? We have you covered. Just write to us, and our Account Managers will get back to you.

SEO Intelligence

TextMercato can help you choose the right trends, keywords, topics, and customized guidelines to meet your content goals.

AI Copywriter

Need something quick, good, and publish ready? Our AI copywriter is at your disposal.


Not only can we help create content, but also help you publish. (Coming soon - WordPress Integration)


Our ability to share data, discuss the outcomes, and improvise for better results makes us an bankable partner.

Digital Content Platform

When managing projects (small or large) across different types of content, manual process can slow down your entire content creation journey and compromise your goals.

At TextMercato, we give you access to our Digital Content Platform. It enables you to scale, control, and track all your projects on a single dashboard. It further allows you to communicate with us for varied requirements and genres. More importantly, an integrated platform with an end-to-end solution, management of the projects, share ratings, and even make your payments to give you a seamless experience.

Order Online

Choose from a variety of projects and get going in less than 5 minutes

Dashboard View

Track your order in real-time and provide feedback

Approval Management

Provide feedback and keep control 100 percent

Single Invoice

Multiple projects can be managed and paid together

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Digital Content Platform
Managed Account

Managed Accounts

Large projects need a Single Point of Contact (SPOC) or an Account Manager so that you have someone to get things delivered on-time, as per your brief.

At TextMercato, our ‘Managed Accounts’ section gives you access to a SPOC / Account Manager who is responsible for an end-to-end execution of your project. Complete management of the delivery quality and timelines lies with us, so you can focus on your core business.

Your Own SPOC

A Single Point of Contact for all your content requirements

Frequent Updates

Constant communication regarding your project progress

Project Management

End-to-end delivery management by the SPOC

Hassle-free experience

We manage your content while you focus on your core business goals

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SEO Intelligence

Excelling at anything is not just about a seamless execution, but also supported by a well-researched and tailored strategy.

At TextMercato, our SEO team will conduct an in-depth audit between your current situation and your desired goals. This will help understand the gaps, and devise a step-by-step course of action with defined timelines.

Your Goals

What are your priorities in the next three, six, nine months, or end of year?


Knowing where you are today helps us understand how to chalk the future path ahead.

Project Management

End-to-end delivery management by the SPOC.


This is a document containing all the metrics driven action items.

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SEO Intelligence
AI Copy Writer

AI Copywriter

Do you need content quickly and at scale? Then, our AI writer maybe the solution you are looking for.

At TextMercato, our proprietary ‘Language Generation Technology’ can help address your content needs efficiently. This helps you scale on numbers, while prioritizing your SEO needs and requirements.

Scale Quickly

Do you have 1000’s of descriptions to be delivered quickly? We are ready!

Quality Management

A layer of quality management ensures 100 percent adherence to brief and brand guidelines.


10X faster, 5X cost-efficient. Your needs can be handled quickly and efficiently.

SEO and User Optimized

Not only about efficiency but also value-add to the users is addressed.

The content is SEO driven to add value to user experience and bring up the right search

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The key to success campaigns is not only about producing content, but putting it up at the right time to reach the right audience on the right platform.

At TextMercato, be it third party websites or your own webpage, social media handles or guest posts, our dedicated ‘Publishing Team’ can push the content quickly, so you are able to meet your customer leads, engagement, or other goals.

Keep Focus

You keep focus on your core achievables while we get you ready to scale.

Project Management

End-to-end project management responsibility lies with TextMercato.


One place for all your content requirements. A winning combination is about doing it all efficiently and meeting your expected goals.


Publish directly on your WordPress site
(Coming Soon!)

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In God we Trust - All Others Bring Data

Quantitative analysis (supported by qualitative) is at the heart of our decision making. At TextMercato, we do two things efficiently

Based on market data audit and industry benchmarking, we can suggest how to move the needle

Based on our experience, we can suggest what strategies work best and how to get results quickly

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