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The recipe for your success not only lies in the creation of top-quality content but also in a stellar content strategy. A copy customized to your goals and a strong distribution to reach the right audience is your gateway to success and this is why we have created the perfect content solution for you.


Prior to any digital activity, it is important to understand the business, goals, audience, and their preferences

  • Understand and analyze your needs
  • Audit (current status and competition)
  • A digital roadmap on how, what, where, and when
  • Define success metrics


Choosing the right resources for the right job at the right time with the right brief. This is what we do best

  • Choose the best-suited resources
  • 100 percent original and plagiarism-free content guaranteed
  • Unlimited revisions if delivery does not match the agreed brief
  • Stay updated in real-time via your log-in dashboard


One of the most expected trait across any business is continuous improvement across all parameters

  • Dedicated Marketer (should you choose this service)
  • Monthly reviews and feedback
  • Quarterly goal setting (revisit)
  • Improvise (all the time!)

Address Customers’ Key Pain Points With Advanced Buying Guide

TextMercato is a professional content writing platform that offers insights into various features and product experiences. The buyers can make informed decisions with the proactively formulated comprehensive list of benefits and features curated by our experienced writers.

Buying Guide

Our experienced writers can help you with the answers to what, when, why, and how of buying a product or service and help new buyers make informed decisions. TextMercato writers provide well-researched expert guidance to spread awareness among buyers about their needs.

Usage Guide

To ensure that your buyers understand the specifications of the purchased product, especially of the software and tech products category, we develop user content guides that can provide insights into the product experience.

Troubleshooting Guide

TextMercato equips you with a guide that can address frequently asked questions regarding your product. This streamlines effective customer service as customers can efficiently troubleshoot common issues on their own, saving you time and resources.

Explore Various Types of Buying Guides and Content Writing Services

Pros and Cons Guide

Buyers research the pros and cons list before purchasing a product. We ensure that the buyers are informed about product features that appeal to their needs.

Ingredient Profile

Our expert writers help to build ingredient profiles used in the product with attention. This profile is particularly effective for selling food items, health supplements, beauty products, wellness products, and so on.

Case Studies

We can help you develop case studies that demonstrate your products and their features, along with positive testimonials from clients. It is an effective way to build brand credibility and persuade clients to buy the product.

Comprehensive Guide

You can access comprehensive technical guides and content writing services that can enhance your brand value.


What Our Clients Say About Us

Navigate the purchasing process with our comprehensive guide.

Four (4) Steps to Get Your Content!

Widest network of content experts build a deep connection with your users with 100 percent original content

Create a free account (In just one minute)

Create an account with by filling in some basic information, so your requirements can be registered.

Share your requirements

Share details about your requirement with some additional questions on your audience, SEO expectations, goals, etc., and place an order.


Your Account Manager will review the order and allocate it to the best-suited writer and editor with relevant domain expertise for your requirement. We can connect and discuss additional information or address clarifications.

Track and approve

All your orders can be viewed, managed, and approved via a dedicated log-in dashboard. Access anytime for real-time updates.

What type of buying guide content writing services does TextMercato offer?

TextMercato offers a variety of buying guide services like shopping guides, pros and cons guides, case studies, troubleshooting guides, ingredient profiles, usage guides, and more.

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Why are TextMercato buying guide services exclusive?

TextMercato offers various writing services from thousands of approved writers to address your business needs and increase your brand value. You can access industry-relevant content written by advanced writers.

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Does TextMercato ensure a smooth transaction?

TextMercato assigns you a dedicated Account Manager who can look after your buying guide project and curate content exclusive to your product offerings. Our team ensures that each client gets top-quality conversion-worthy buying guide content writing services.

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Does TextMercato employ professional buying guide writers?

TextMercato only assigns tasks to approved writers who can do thorough and in-depth research to understand customers’ pain points and construct well-structured unique content that addresses the concern across domains.

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