3 Reasons Why Your Email Marketing Isn’t Working


Did you know, close to 55% of consumers like to receive emails containing relevant information on a product/service and prompt offers!

So, why are your email marketing efforts going into vain?

If your chances of being noticed are as high as being ignored, then why are you mostly going unnoticed? Where are your falling behind - targeting the correct demographic; engaging with them through your product/service; or not sending enough offers?

Email marketing does not stop at maintaining a subscriber’s email list. In fact that is barely your starting point. Here are three mistakes digital marketers often make that kill their email conversions!

1. Targeting the wrong audience for email marketing

One of the major reasons why most marketers fail at email marketing is because they haven’t done their homework correctly. Figuring out your target audience is key to a successful email marketing campaign. If you are not interacting with the right set of subscribers, it is as good as nothing.

How can you fix this? Follow the points below:

  • Start with a buyer persona - Lay out the characteristics of your target audience and pen down their top goals, challenges and tonality so that you know how to interact with them effectively and also how you are going to add value to them through you mails.
  • Personalize your emails - Don’t stop at their names. Practice progressive profiling of your subscribers and collect more detailed information on them as they move forward in your sales funnel. This will help you further strengthen your relationship with them.
  • Ask them what they want - Many a times marketers share a survey with the users after a few rounds of emails, asking them what kind of emails they find useful and would like to keep receiving them in the future. This helps them build trust and credibility among their audience.

2. Not setting a drip before starting an email campaign

As we mentioned earlier, securing emails and having more subscribers does not guarantee you more conversions. You need to interact with your users effectively and strategically to be able to reap desired results.

Design a drip campaign before you start sending emails. Devise a sequence based on users’ actions on your emails. For example - a welcome email to new subscribers followed by an introductory email with clear CTAs.

3. No clear CTAs in the content copy

You must be getting tired of this one, but there is a reason why CTAs keep popping up from time to time. And rightly so, because if you don’t have a goal or fail to make it clear to your audience, you are leaving them confused and they will not know what you want them to do.

Before you start writing your email content, get clarity on your final outcome. What is it that you are trying to achieve out of this?

  • Do you want to make a sale?
  • Are you promoting a piece of content or your website blog?
  • Do you want to inform your users about an upcoming webinar?

Once you have the final objectives laid out, focus on the email content, design and images. Write the CTA in simple language, make it easily visible and don’t hesitate to repeat it in the body as required.


Email conversions don’t stop at subscribers’ list. The real drill starts right after.

To get started on the right foot, build a buyer persona and target relevant demographics. Personalize your emails as you move further in your drip campaign and always check back with your users if they find the content relevant. They will appreciate that!

Lastly, don’t forget to insert CTAs in the mail body where desired. Keep it natural and don’t make it seem pushy.

What are your main struggles while writing email content for your audience? Need our help?

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