5 Reasons Why You Need A Content Writing Agency


At what point in your business do you decide to hire a content writing agency? How do you decide which one to choose? Why do you feel the need to have one at all?

Let’s start with why! Why do you even need a content writing agency?

While weighing your options for creating content to meet your business goals, don’t slip up on the benefits of outsourcing your workload. While businesses do fine with an in-house team of content writers, you need to understand which stage you are at in your business and what benefits you the most.

Here’s how working with a content writing agency can benefit your business and give you a competitive edge.

1. Work With Professional Content Writers and Get Quality Work

The most immediate benefit of working with a content agency is to be able to work with professional content writers who are specialized in their fields and understand the nuances of online content writing.

At this point, you must be wondering, “So what? I can train my team to do the same. In fact, they will understand the brand better than anyone else outside the company.” And rightly so. You can do just that. But there are two problems with that,

  • Quality content comes with experience, and it is hard to be taught
  • To express your brand through someone who knows it too well and speaks your language, which makes it harder for you to break the fourth wall and connect with your audience

2. Break the Fourth Wall With Content Targeting Your Audience!

No matter how good your in-house team of writers is, they can soon grow biased toward your brand. Why? Because they care too much to be able to think like a typical reader.

Someone who already understands the business starts making assumptions and soon fails to explain important concepts that need to be explained to a new audience. And when that happens, your ability to connect with your audience through your content plummets too.

A freelance content writer, on the other hand, is equipped to bring outer perspective to your content, providing fresh ideas, angles, and resources to your copy. 

3. Get SEO Rich Content for Your Website

Ask any content writer about SEO these days; chances are most of them will start with keywords and end with keywords. For the majority, SEO means writing articles using certain keywords. And that’s that.

As mentioned earlier, some things come with experience. And if you have no time to waste, opting for a professional team of writers over new hires is a smart choice. Experienced content writers don’t stop at keywords. Instead, focus on how to strategically use those words in the copy while keeping it true to its form.

They can also make suggestions on effective anchor texts, how to improve internal/external linking, and even recommend new topics.

4. Enjoy multiple services at a fixed cost!

Content writing agencies aren’t just about professional content writers, copywriters, and copy editors. While ensuring quality content and taking care of all your content needs, they use plagiarism checks, editing tools, and multiple QC runs before the content reaches your inbox.

And all of this comes as part of the deal!

Such additional services may vary from agency to agency, so do your research before choosing one!


These are just a few reasons why you should consider working with an agency. To choose or not to choose a content writing agency is your decision. But don’t overlook the benefits it can provide before you dismiss it completely.

Let them take care of your content while you focus on strategies for content distribution, and give your competitors something to worry about!

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