5 Tips To Write Amazing Product Descriptions That You Didn’t Know About


Having product descriptions is very important when it comes to selling a product online. Well-written product descriptions have the ability to increase revenues and also make an emotional connection with the customers.

And why not? Product descriptions can be framed to tell stories and make customers laugh.

Understanding buyers’ persona, mentioning the features and benefits of products, SEO copywriting and writing scannable content are some of the basic rules that you will have to keep in mind while writing product descriptions. And this is probably something that most of your competitors are doing. To stay ahead of the competition and add an extra digit to your revenue figure, what you need are amazing product descriptions. The kind of products you sell can equally contribute to the way you write your product descriptions and which elements you choose.

Here are a few handy tips that you can consider:

1. Tell a Story

Everyone loves a good and inspiring origin story. Every superhero has an origin story, isn't it? It lets the audience connect to the character emotionally as they know about their inspiration and motivation to choose a different path.

So, what is your story and what motivated you to create your product? If your origin story is important to you, the chances are high that it's going to be important to your target audience as well.

Take an example from this website named Four Seven, a store selling handcrafted silver jewellery.

The description is simple but has a story to tell. It starts with a quote that all music lovers believe in and flows into a description that they can connect to it. Simple, short, and sweet - exactly what a product description needs to be!

2. Feeling is Important

Have product descriptions that appeal to your customer’s imagination.

Science has proved that customers who hold and feel a product are more likely to buy it. And this is something you can offer when selling online. You already probably have large pictures and crystal-clear videos up on the product pages. Is there something more that you can do?

Of course, you can!

Write a product description that will let your buyers imagine what it would be like to hold the product. Take this website, for example, named Teabox.

Connoisseurs have probably written the content of tea, or at least that is what the general audience will feel like. The description (as shown in the example) is so beautifully written, and it seems you actually perceive all the flavours offered by the tea.

Writing such product descriptions is not easy, and you will need to understand your product well for this purpose. It should give your customers the feeling they will get by owning your product.

3. Use Engaging Adjectives

Most product description writing guides advocate the lesser use of adjectives. This is often difficult as you are tempted to write good (adjectives) things about your product. However, research shows that actionable verbs are more effective than adjectives when it comes to product descriptions. Avoid using words like ‘is’, ‘be’, ‘has’ etc. and instead focus on strong verbs.

Take the following two descriptions for example:

Bad: This gorgeous dress is a perfect addition to your stylish wardrobe.

Good: This beautiful dress will bring out the fashionista in you.

Using generic adjectives (as shown in the bad example) is a strict no when writing product descriptions. What you need in your descriptions are sensory adjectives.

Here’s one great example to explain this better.

Andamen is a website that sells shirts. And the product descriptions on the site blend verbs and adjectives perfectly.

The adjectives used in the content describe the product while using powerful adjectives and verbs. The content doesn't only describe the shirt but inspires the buyer to buy the product.

4. Add in the Quirky Element

Mixing humour into your SEO product descriptions can make your products sell. Product descriptions are a great way to hook buyers, and a quirky one lets you connect with a customer in a way that you can sell your products. While writing the description, do not think about everyone who is a part of your target audience. Instead, think of one person and write the description in a way that you are selling an experience and not just a product. Don’t forget to highlight the most important features of your product.

One of the websites that have fun product descriptions to read is Urban Ladder, the online furniture store.

Take the following example for your reference:

The description highlights the product features in the subtlest way. What stands out in this description is the fact that it tries to sell not just one but two experiences in a fun way. Anyone reading the description is bound to imagine these experiences and connect to them.

5. Entice with Sensory Words

Restaurants and food joints have been telling for a long time—using sensory words can increase sales. It is believed that sensory words engage more processing power of the brain.

Take this classic example from Freshmenu:

Words like ‘dark chocolate’, ‘dry fruit crumble’, and ‘crunchy nuts’ do not only refer to taste. They tickle other sensations like touch and sound as well.


Product descriptions on a website serve the function of what a salesperson usually does. A good salesperson will convince you to buy the product, and that is exactly what a good product description can do. And since there is no salesperson involved in online shopping, a product description will serve that purpose.

A perfect product description is one that tells a story with the right usage of words. While doing so, don’t forget to mention the product’s features and benefits. Highlight even the tiniest details. Create descriptions that are not boring but fun to read so that your visitors are delighted to read them. Don’t shy away from creating descriptions that are unique, and don’t follow the crowd. All the best!

Do you have any more tips for product content writing?

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