8 Websites Who Have Nailed the Product Description Game


For any E-commerce retailer, effective product descriptions are important for grabbing the attention of online shoppers and encourage them to buy the product.

In the digital world, a product description is a substitute for an excellent sales person. Not only must it sound enthusiastic, but a good product description must also be informative and answer the queries that most shoppers have about the product they intend to buy.

Despite their importance for generating online sales and revenue, there are many E-commerce websites that simply do not pay much attention to their product description writing, other than simply listing down the product features. A 2017 study conducted by OneSpace found that 50% of online shoppers return a purchased product simply because it did not match the product description. As an E-commerce store, putting a little effort into writing effective product descriptions can go a long way in engaging with your online shoppers and showing them that you care about their individual needs.

Here we list 8 E-commerce websites with the best product descriptions.

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1. Shopify

Among the largest global platforms for E-commerce brands, Shopify is the 3rd most visited website in the Business Services category. More than 500,000 online brands in over 175 countries use the Shopify platform to create their online retail store.

With phrases in their product descriptions such as "Shopify has you covered" and "no design skills required," online entrepreneurs feel an immediate emotional connection with this platform and removes all fears associated with the creation of a new website.

2. Anorak Online

Be it homeware products or sleeping bags, Anorak Online offers a variety of home and outdoor essentials.

What is impressive about their product descriptions is that they highlight the pain points of their customers directly and go on to explain how their products solve the problems. For example, “It’s not just another sleeping bag, it’s designed to give you space…” or “You can breathe the sea air then drift to sleep in complete cosy comfort.”

3. CB2

Ideal for buying furniture and home décor products, CB2 has a neatly organised website that builds in a lot of exquisite words to describe its products.

With the use of images and vivid descriptions, online shoppers can almost start imagining how their home décor products can liven up their home interiors. A few examples include “Estudio Bola's leather sofa looks the colourful coastal scene of American beach towns inspires sumptuous and sleek” and “hand-woven flatweave dhurrie.”

4. Subaru

When it comes to selling reasonably expensive products, the product description must be fully in tune with the shopper’s desires and address their deepest fears. Subaru does this in style for their entire range of SUVs and sedans.

When it comes to family cars, the product descriptions include powerful and engaging words such as “spaciousness” and “safety,” which are so critical in this class of vehicles. An added mode of connecting with customers is through their love for pets, pretty smart, isn’t it? Using a combination of expert product reviews, technical details, and an assortment of images that complement each car feature being described, Subaru covers it all well efficiently.

5. Pottery Barn

With its wide range of crafted furniture and home décor products, Pottery Barn is a premium brand that does not come cheap. Appropriately, their product description does a great job in reflecting the class of its expensive teak wood and other high-quality furniture products.

With phrases such as “breakfast on the patio” and “drinks by the pool,” it clearly suggests that their products are only for premium customers who can afford them.

6. Wayfair

Among the largest online seller of home products globally, Wayfair is another e-commerce destination for a variety of home furnishing and home décor items. The most interesting part of their product descriptions is the art of storytelling that can spark any reader’s imagination and grab their attention.

A fine example of storytelling is associating a Kennedy Barrel Chair with “spending hours reading your favourite novel.”

The art of storytelling is very relevant in online retail as it can build up the buyer's imagination and visual creativity and help them visualise how a product will look in their settings without being able to see the actual product.

7. Dollar Shave Club

Established in the year 2011, Dollar Shave Club has been in the business of men’s shaving and grooming products with home delivery. A consistent part of this brand has been the use of humour in the content of their advertisement and product descriptions. One of their 2012 advertisements has more than 25 million views on YouTube.

The use of humour continues in their product descriptions with catchy lines such as calling a razor  - “a personal assistant for your face” or a shaving cream that has been “tested on interns, not animals.”

8. Appsumo

An E-commerce site that does not sell a product but rather a service. Welcome to Appsumo, which sells online courses or, in their own words, “helping hustlers grow since 2011.”  The product descriptions for their online courses tap into the persuasive power of words with phrases such as the "ideal you,” which taps into your real inner potential and drive.


Product descriptions not only describe product features and benefits to your customers but also reflect the overall brand image and positioning of the company. Well-written product descriptions can boost the sales of online stores and not just be used as a medium for conveying product information.

Know of any websites that are doing equally well with their product descriptions? Let us know your favourite pick.


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