Content Is Getting Commoditized! How Do We Get Stellar Customer Experience and Engagement Through Higher Content Volume?

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Commoditization of Content and Customer Experience Enhancement

Customer experience is becoming even more crucial to set brands apart as content commoditizes. According to a Walker study, customer experiences will become more important with time, while products and prices will become less important. In all customer touchpoints, brands prioritizing service, values, culture, and experience will stand out.

While creating high-velocity content of a great volume, focus your attention on how you can deliver your product rather than barebone content. Invest in focus groups or voice of the customer (VoC) research to gauge perception and zero in on customer satisfaction within strategic areas to find out what customer experience strategies will help you the most with website user engagement.

While content is still the king, content warfare has evolved with modern content marketing strategies. A higher volume of insignificant content will take a website nowhere. It’s like rowing your boat in an open sea without a compass. Content that brings value when posted at a higher volume boosts your website’s content engagement and traffic.

Key Pointers to Creating the Right Content for Lasting Content Engagement

The key pointers to creating content to provide exceptional customer experience and engagement  include the following:

Find Out and Give Your Readers What They Want

It's time to stop selling and start helping your visitors by publishing content that brings value. The good news is that it isn't that difficult. Provide an in-depth evaluation of the product/service to your prospective audience if they want one. If any questions pop up, respond with the information they need as soon as possible. Research in-depth the needs of your audience and deliver your content according to that.

Knowledge, Authoritativeness, and Reliability

By publishing thoroughly researched content that is supported by statistics, fresh thoughts, and unique information, you can give your audience a satisfying experience. Aside from the fact that Google strongly values this approach, it also makes great sense.

Get yourself in the reader's shoes!

When you require assistance:

  • Wouldn't you like to read content written by someone knowledgeable in the subject?
  • Don't you want knowledge from someone who is reliable and has authority?
  • Would you trust someone who simply repeats facts found on the internet?

In these questions lies your answer to why authoritative and reliable content that boosts a reader’s knowledge is critical to a customer experience enhancement strategy

When Writing Blog Content, Adhere to SEO Best Practices

SEO best practices do not include stuffing your content with keywords; instead, conducting SEO keyword research with Google Keyword Planner and placing them organically within the content for a better ranking. 

Create Enticing Headlines

If the headline is weak, even the best content in the world won't receive much traffic. That’s why you must put a lot of effort into creating headlines that prompt readers to click.

Add Infographics 

If you're not creating infographics for your content, now would be a wonderful moment to start.  And if you don't have any graphic design experience, there are many free online design tools to create your own infographics quickly.

Bank on a Higher Volume of Content to Reach Target Customers

So, how much content should you regularly publish to get website traffic and optimum content engagement? The answer might seem surprising, but the more, the better! Yes, creating and publishing the highest possible quality content regularly in bulk will most likely make your web portal visible to the target customers.

Set up a schedule in tandem with planning your content strategy. How frequently you update your website will determine how many visitors you receive because you give people more chances to find your page. The statistics from a HubSpot poll indicate that you should add new content to your website regularly. For starters, a fresh piece of content per day is preferable. Daily-posting websites are more likely to rank higher.

Of course, the content volume will vary according to the size of your team and audience. You can produce more content if you have more resources and expert assistance. You should provide more content as your audience grows. Establishing a posting schedule is crucial, but it's just as important to keep to it and maintain consistency.

Ensure that the content you’re posting brings value to your customers or solves their problems. It’s the backbone of all successful customer experience strategies

Create a Content Strategy Based on MSV

The number of times a particular keyword is looked up in a search engine each month is known as the monthly search volume or MSV. It enables you to estimate the volume of traffic for a specific keyword. This data enables you to judge which keywords your content strategy should focus on. Additionally, you'll be able to determine the needs of potential customers and clients and tailor your content to meet those needs.

A good content strategy won't limit its keyword targeting to those with the highest MSV. Only 15% of the online traffic analyzers in the HubSpot poll mentioned above said the MSV for their target keywords was "extremely high." Most people (60%) thought it was "somewhat high."

The Bottomline

Commoditization of content is real! There’s no manoeuvring around it. The only viable customer experience enhancement strategy is to create genuine, tailored content following back-end research at a higher volume. Taking proactive steps to implement genuine customer feedback while keeping a consistent content strategy can help in the long run. It’s the only way to outpace and outgrow your competition in the crowded content marketplace. This is where TextMercato comes in. TextMercato is one of the market leaders in supplying some of the most well-known businesses in the world with a steady stream of content, assisting them in keeping their top search engine ranking.

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