Here’s How You Can Leverage Recent Trends To Write Killer Product Descriptions


Do you think your product descriptions are as effective as they can be at convincing your customers to buy from your website?

A good product description should pique your visitors’ interest on your e-commerce site, and be able to tempt them to click on the ‘Buy Now’ button.

As close to  20 per cent of failed purchases are the result of missing details on product descriptions. You have much to lose if your product descriptions aren’t up to the mark.

To ensure you don’t lose out on a large chunk of potential sales, we’ve compiled a list of effective strategies that will make your SEO product descriptions stand out and appeal to your customers!

1. Use Persuasive Language

Salespeople have always used techniques of persuasion to lure in prospective buyers, and this holds true even today. You can get online shoppers more inclined to purchase if your product content contains certain words to nudge them.

Here are a few words to consider in the process of product description writing.

  • The word ‘you’ can be effective by making your buyers feel heard. When you address your prospects directly, they get the message that you care for them.
  • ‘Because’ can be a strong word if used effectively to persuade your prospects to buy your product by giving them a concrete reason. A research study by Professor Ellen Langer of Harvard University shows that using the word ‘because' results in significantly increased compliance to a request.
  • Using powerful words to cash in on your prospect’s emotions can be useful in making that sale. Hit the right chord by using strong adjectives - a ‘foolproof’ lock or a ‘luxurious’ bathrobe are more desirable than an ‘excellent’ lock or a ‘comfortable’ bathrobe.

2. Make Your Content Bite-Sized - Your Buyers Will Skim through It

The attention-economy has businesses around the globe vying for your customers’ attention.

To get the upper hand over competitors, get right to the point with your product descriptions using catchy content writing. Adding frills to your descriptions might have been an effective tool back in the day, but today's online shoppers know what's out there and are looking just to skim product pages to validate their needs.

Your goal should be to give your shoppers the information they are looking for at a glance rather than making them read details they may not care about. Entice them with benefits, but don’t harp on meaningless phrases like “This is the best product money can buy”.

3. Define a Unique Tone of Voice to Stand Out ToBuyers

Online marketing today places a heavy focus on relatable content and creating a certain image in people's minds. Your brand can stand out by defining its tone of voice so that customers feel an affinity for your products and a good place to show your persona is in product descriptions.

Depending on your products and target demographic, your personality can be quirky and casual or more serious and formal. You may need to do your research before you settle on the tone of voice that works best.

In addition, ensure that your copy isn't full of buzzwords but has a natural-sounding tone - search engines can penalise you if your copy doesn't sound natural. Keep SEO copywriting top of mind since search-engine traffic is a crucial pillar to the success of your business.


Sales tactics have gone through some changes over the years, and it's good to know what trends you can apply today to bump up revenue. What worked five years ago might not work as well anymore, so it's best to stay updated with current best practices.

What do you think about these trends? Share your thoughts with us!

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