How Boring Product Descriptions Can Switch Off An Online Shopper


Do your product descriptions on your online E-commerce site impact your overall sales?

Difficult to say about the good ones, but industry statistics suggest that a bad product description can definitely impact your sales negatively. An industry study reports that around 20% of product sales do not happen primarily due to poor product description writing that is either missing or insufficient.

Ever searched for a product online and got flooded with similar or even duplicate product descriptions in the search results? Happens quite often. Not only does this impact the SEO ranking of the online retailer on search engines, but also (more importantly) turns off a potential customer. Even if the customer clicks on your product listing, they may find the content of the product description to be non-engaging or not fully informative, thus encouraging them to leave your online retail site and switch to a competitor’s product page.

So, what are the major writing loopholes that E-commerce retailers must avoid to make their product descriptions more engaging and appealing to online shoppers? Here is an evaluation.

No Repetition of SEO Product Descriptions

Most SEO copywriting professionals who work on product descriptions lack knowledge of the products that they are writing about or have no clue as to why customers may buy them. Hence, it is common to find product descriptions with a repeated list of features and a few benefits.

For an effective product description, your content writing team must know your target audience along with the features why they may want to buy your product. Rather than focusing purely on the features, your product description must highlight the benefits of the product.

Selection of Words in Your Product Description

Does your product description sound like a conversation that you are having with your friend, or more like a collection of words generated automatically by a computer? If it is later, it is high time you switch your language to a more natural tone that can engage with your customer.

An example of friendly words in your product description can be found for Mrs Meyer’s Lemon Verbena Dish Soap.

Additionally, most product descriptions fail as they are not able to present the required or critical information of the product in an effective manner to customers. Write product descriptions that are easy to scan with the use of bullet points and short sentences.

Product descriptions that are optimised for Google

Most E-commerce retailers fail to use sufficient SEO-friendly keywords (for example, “black dress pants for women”) in their product descriptions. Optimise your product content writing for search engines, which is among the first step to attracting online shoppers to your website. With some keyword research effort, you can find out which keywords work best for your product offering, which can in turn improve the Google ranking of your product pages. Google also favours well-written and unique product descriptions and rank them higher in its search results.


The key to effective SEO-friendly product descriptions for any E-commerce retailer is to keep it engaging and friendly while not excluding any product information and customer benefits from the content. This article outlines some of the loopholes that any E-commerce retailer must avoid in order to optimise their product descriptions for maximum benefits.

Are your product descriptions adding to your overall E-commerce sales? Share your key practices and thoughts with us.

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