How Do We Generate B2B Leads With Content Marketing?

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Use Content Marketing to Generate B2B Leads for your website

Lead generation is a process of capturing the users’ attention and tweaking their interest in the products or services offered. It is not a separate discretion-based process but an integral part of the company’s overall sales strategy. Then which type of lead generation should a business focus on B2B or B2C? Well, at Textmercato we have an answer to all your queries.

B2B vs B2C

B2B sales is the focal point of every business as it strengthens the roots of sales development. There is a deal-closing process involved, unlike in B2C sales, where the sales manager plays a major role. On the other hand, B2C sales are a short-term one-time activity. B2B sales are made to companies or people involved in business activity. They set a firm and long-term relationship and lead to stable cash flows. The question remains about how to generate B2B leads with content marketing. The use of inbound marketing tactics through social media or online modules to raise brand visibility can be an effective way to generate B2B leads with content marketing.

LinkedIn-The New B2B Lead Generation Gateway

Taking steps to build up interest and curiosity about your product or services among entities from the target audience is vital. LinkedIn has been a pioneer in the professional networking environment. Most people use this platform to seek job opportunities or publish their professional accomplishments. However, LinkedIn also assists business entities by making leads available on its platform. We are sure this has got you thinking about how to generate B2B leads on LinkedIn. 


The steps here will assist you in creating a profile on LinkedIn and generating leads.

Step 1: Create a distinctly appealing LinkedIn profile

Step 2: Set up a professional profile picture that resonates with your business element

Step 3: Add a profile summary and create a Company Profile which would draw other businesses to you

Step 4: Be a part of focused Business Groups on LinkedIn by stepping into the shoes of the customer

Step 5: Emphasise on the quality of content by making sure it is informative and SEO oriented

Step 6: You may choose paid methods and control Advertisement visibility with due regard to your budget restrictions

Step 7: Keep your customers engaged with you by actively sharing your experiences and guiding them consistently

Step 8: Put the Sales Navigator tool to use which creates custom lists, gives detailed sales insights and a goal-oriented sales approach.

Unboxing other ways to generate B2B leads

There are several B2B lead generation companies that primarily focus on quality leads and minimise the time they put into the process. Apart from this, the use of smart lead generation ways would give a final kick to profitability.

These are a few B2B lead generation examples by Textmercato:

  • Use of case studies to prove that the product offered is beneficial to the customer will encourage Purchases
  • Writing a blog in the format of questions and answers will build an image of an expert in the mind of the buyers
  • Critically targeting the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) of a customer will make them believe that the product is necessary to them.
  • Use of Infographics will attract customers and help them retain your status for a long time

B2B Lead Generation Tools

Lead generation can be tiresome. A lot of unplanned research time can go wasted if it doesn’t bear the right results. Using the best tools to simplify the effort and streamline the lead generation process becomes a necessity.

 Here’s a list of B2B lead generation tools available for free.

  • Sumo Me - Improving e-mail signups and Adding people to your desired sale cluster.
  • Hunter - Find email information from websites and social profiles.
  • Hootsuite - Scheduling social media content and interactions in advance
  • Quora - Answering Quora questions leads to B2B leads generation as it psychologically creates a ‘call to action. Potential leads are seeking solutions from around the globe across the web.  To know more on how to generate B2B leads with content marketing visit the  website of Textmercato.

B2B Leads Generation Database

Procuring and preserving a customer database is of utmost importance. There are many databases available in the market that provide information on leads and their potential to become our customers. You may wonder, “Why do we need B2B Lead generation databases?” It is similar to outsourcing the lead generation function to experts who compare your business services with that of the requirement of the buyer. This leads to kaisen i.e. minimising the wastage of time to find leads.

While availing of database services, primarily those which are available for free, it is imperative to verify whether such companies run a background check on the data collected and transmitted to you.

 You can make use of the numerous B2B leads database free of cost:

  • ZoomInfo - Identify, connect, and engage with qualified prospects. 
  • Lusha - Affordable access to teams of up to five members to leads
  • RevDriver - Contact details from LinkedIn, by going on your prospect's profile as well as by visiting websites.
  • ClustrMaps - Generating leads only in the United States; Finding addresses, contact numbers or company information. 

Best Practices to Generate B2B Leads by Content Marketing 

According to research by Forbes in 2019, 93% of B2B Companies believe that content marketing generates more leads than traditional marketing. The list of methods for generating B2B leads using content marketing is inexhaustible. Here’s a set of best practices that can be implemented by businesses:

  1. Conduct webinars: A customer would know about your business the moment you become visible on the social platform. Webinars would give assurance to clients about your knowledge and depth of your business activity.
  2. Hitting the bullseye: Think from this perspective: How do you want your lead to be? What solution is your lead looking for? Do not select the wrong lead by being impulsive. Hit the bullseye to seek the best results.
  3. Make submissions for newsletters: Business magazines are read by many upcoming and established businessmen. Submitting write-ups through newsletters would make you known even to the untargeted segment.
  4. Keep them engaged using social media: Merely sending e-mails is not enough. Businesses receive 1000s of emails daily. Use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn to expand your reach and keep posting consistently.
  5. Choose content syndication: This means putting up your content on a third-party website to increase its visibility and gain exposure to a larger audience.
  6. B2B lead generation blogs: Creation of well-researched blogs in a long-form bear the best results. Using SEO like ‘This is the Ultimate Guide for drafting a Lead Generation Checklist’ is bound to boost your profile.
  7. Use videos: To boost write-ups, make use of videos to provide real-time assurance to prospective leads. Sharing those videos on various platforms would help cater to many segments. 
  8. Create a high-value lead magnet: A reliable lead magnet will also help build trust in your brand in the eyes of other businesses along with attracting and generating quality leads.


Content Marketing leads to value creation. It is more cost effective than traditional marketing strategies. The approach you choose would depend upon the time period you are looking forward to engaging with the market. B2B leads to support a business’s long-term vision. This networking of enterprises not only fosters a level playing field for every market participant but also creates opportunities for all. Beware! Quality and Market Research are the keys.

Generate B2B leads with content marketing following Textmercato’s exclusive guidance. Explore the nuances of Content marketing and get to know about B2B lead generation tools that will come in handy the next time you decide to boost your business into a high-performing sales venture.


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