How TextMercato Can Help You Run Your Content Engine

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It’s hardly news that content, in this day and age, is the biggest asset for a business. Content marketing is the ticket to capturing the audience's interest while continually upholding a positive brand impression. TextMercato is a long-running organization that has been built bit by bit by passionate content enthusiasts across the country. Today, TextMercato stands as the industry leader in providing some of the top brands in the world with a regular influx of content, helping them maintain their top spot in the search engine. 

What is Content Marketing?

Every business today wants to make a name for itself. The difference between marketing 20 years ago and now is simply the availability of digital channels and their mammoth potential. Today, businesses of all sizes have access to digital platforms that can generate leads, attract customers, garner reviews, and help a business establish their brand. 

TextMercato offers high-quality, tailored content for a business's content marketing strategy. By creating and sharing relevant blogs, articles, social media content, videos, podcasts, and other media, TextMercato helps your business attract, engage, and retain the audience. This approach keeps your brand relevant and increases brand awareness among potential consumers.

What is a Content Engine?

Because of its capacity in the marketing industry, the internet today is jam-packed with content. There are various ways in which a business can approach content marketing, but what’s important is to note that making your content rank high is not as easy as it may seem. With the ever-changing google analytics at play, it doesn’t take long for an unplanned content marketing strategy to land back on square one.

The secret ingredient to a successful content marketing strategy is an excellent content engine that creates and distributes any type of content on a regular basis. This is the niche in which TextMercato has accomplished to carve a name for itself. After all, it’s about your content showing up at the right place at the right time to the right audience!

TextMercato’s Role in Running Your Content Engine

Before diving into TextMercato’s role as a robust content creation service, let’s look at some important stats related to content marketing.

For years, TextMercato has been efficiently catering to the growing need for quality content in the Indian and international markets. Here’s why, in this digital age, something like this is essential for brands

Quality content makes your audience stick around. 

Content, in all forms, is the one thing that has the potential to capture the undivided attention of your audience. The content you put out represents your brand and how you choose to interact and engage with your consumers. TextMercato creates content for your business that best describes your tone, ideas, and brand image. TextMercato creates positive experiences for your potential customers and compels them to keep coming back to your business for more.

Achieve a better social media presence

Increasing your social media followers is one thing, and it is a totally different thing to put out trendy, relevant content that garners attention and appreciation. It’s often seen that despite having a huge following on digital platforms, brands and businesses don't see much traction or get good use out of it. This calls for using content marketing to your advantage. TextMercato provides your business with quality content that will help gain traction on social media and let your brand build a more dominant social media presence.

Generate more and better leads

TextMercato’s quality and captivating content facilitate successful marketing that generates effective leads. When your potential audience views your content and relates to it, they're more likely to buy from your brand in the future. Content attributes like calls-to-action (CTA) are command or action phrases placed directly in your content to generate new leads for your sales team. CTAs can be tailored anywhere — in the hero, bottom-of-post, inline, or even on the side panel. The more gratified an audience is with your content, the more probable they are to click the CTA and be directed to your landing page.

Excellent content can position your business as an authority in your industry.

Creating and delivering quality content is what TextMercato is best at. A regular flow of good content helps establish your business’s authority online. Search engines will likely rank your business higher if you can position your business as a credible source of information. Additionally, your existing and potential customers will be more willing to trust you if they see your business as an industry expert. An experienced content creation service provider can demonstrate your expertise in your field with apt content and effective, factual answers to your audience's questions.

Quality content builds brand awareness.

Brand awareness is the very first step in the marketing funnel, and is therefore essential as a crucial foundation to eventually acquire customers. It doesn't take much to build brand awareness nowadays, but if you want to do it in the right way, you need to get on board with the idea of content marketing through an expert content creation service like TextMercato. Instead of putting out generic and mundane content with very little value, content marketing helps you strategize and offer something that your audience will be actually interested in. Once you can get your customers interested in your content, they will begin to associate that with your brand. 

Why TextMercato?

Quality content is the key to adding value to the success of your business, connecting with your audience, and keeping them coming back for more. TextMercato is equipped to power your digital content needs to the next level. With TextMercato, you will have quality, on-demand content at your disposal created by industry experts across the country. Having worked with some of the top brands in the industry and several up-and-coming ventures, TextMercato has a fair share of experience and expertise in the knowledge of what works in the content marketing domain and what doesn’t. 

TextMercato is your business’s one-stop solution for all your digital content requirements. Text Mercato offers the following content services:

  • Text - Blogs, Thought Leadership articles, SEO articles, Social Media Posts, Email Marketing, Website Copy, and others
  • Graphics - Infographics, Illustrations, Images, and more
  • Translations - In 50+ regional languages, and
  • Transcriptions - Video to Text, Audio to Text

With the widest network of content experts by your side, get your brand ready for the digital space and touch new heights of success!

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