How to Create a Content Marketing Strategy Driven by ROI

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What is ROI Driven Content Marketing Strategy?

Most companies run around that one viral content piece which can bring them overnight success. Or in some cases, entities promote a bunch of content pieces aimlessly hoping that it will go viral. However, the recipe for success is in the opposite direction. A disciplined, robust, strategic, and effective content marketing strategy is paramount and a crucial ingredient for your success recipe. Creating an ROI-driven content marketing strategy is not as complex as many businesses think. Following simple steps and being consistent and clear is the key to getting the most out of your content marketing strategy. One of the most important profitability index businesses uses is ROI to measure how well the specific investment has performed. Likewise, the ROI marketing strategy focuses on maximising the ROI of the business through content. Here, the ROI-driven meaning in the marketing strategy refers to the strategy that is operated or controlled by the ROI and well-researched data. The content marketing ROI measures the revenue earned through content marketing in comparison to the expense incurred.

In this article, the main focus will be on creating a content marketing strategy driven by ROI, measuring, and modifying it. Read on to easily create or fine-tune an ROI-driven content marketing strategy for your company and get high traffic, better reach, and desired ROI. Want professional content providing services for your business? We strongly believe in a well-researched strategy and seamless delivery here. Try TextMercato today and see the change!

Six Crucial Factors for Creating an ROI-Driven Content Marketing Strategy

While the strategy creation cannot be emphasised enough, with a content-integrated planning framework, any business irrespective of its size can master the content marketing strategy and achieve the desired ROI. However, documenting the content marketing strategy plays an important role as only 37% out of 89% of B2B content marketers document strategies achieving 50% more ROI than a company without one. Documenting the content marketing strategy not only clearly defines your business’s overall goals and objectives but also provides clarity and a clear sense of direction to the content marketing team. This also establishes a framework where various departments across the company work in harmony. 

Here are 6 crucial factors to be taken into consideration while creating a robust, effective, and efficient ROI-driven content marketing strategy for your business or brand:

Understanding your Brand and Industry

The first step in creating an effective ROI marketing strategy is clearly understanding and defining your brand’s persona, overall objectives and goals, brand messaging, and communication style. The ROI marketing strategy should be tailored to your enterprise size and must be commensurate with overall goals. You should also research and understand the industry to which the business is related and ascertain the competitors and industry metrics. Brand awareness should also be researched to know the social presence, traffic, and reach achieved by previous or existing marketing strategies.

Targeting the Potential Audience

Of course, you are not creating content for the general public as you are focusing on a specific group of audience. Identify or build your brand’s potential audience and understand their persona. Engage your existing audience in the loop while attracting new customers by posting relevant content on your official business website and other social media. Do not forget CTAs like subscribe, download, like, share, contact, free webinars, live videos, etc for creating high engagement and traffic.

Clear Goal-Setting

Ascertain the clear and defined goals that are measurable and specific. Defined goals are crucial to track your business’s progress and success rate. Setting the goals clearly will also ensure that multiple teams are on the same page. Most content marketing strategies should address the following business goals:

  • Is brand awareness increasing?
  • Are the website and social traffic improving?
  • Are search rankings relating to the brand increasing?
  • Improved leads creation through your content?
  • Are specific keywords increasing SEO traffic?

While it is highly not possible to incorporate each goal in every content piece created, brands should ensure that at least multiple goals are fulfilled with each content created.

Content Mix Strategy

Based on your business’s marketing funnel, figure out the content mix which can educate, engage, and encourage the target audience both at the top and bottom funnel. Your business should select the main types of content to be created such as evergreen, link-earning, lead-generation, viral, informative, etc, and publish in multiple communication channels and social mediums where the company’s dominance is prominent. The official business website should be the highly engaging main channel for all potential customers. Content can be in any form like articles, guest-contributed blogs, email campaigns, white papers, etc. Create an ideal content mix and modify it accordingly based on the results.

Flexible Editorial Calendar

After ascertaining the content mix, your business needs to create an actionable editorial calendar mapping which type of content to be created on which day and when it needs to be published on which platform. This calendar helps your brand to consistently deliver content according to the schedule without fail. This way brands can ascertain the frequency of content creation in a way that keeps the audience engaged in the loop. An Editorial calendar is also a great tool to track goals and create fresh ones. Businesses should invest in potential editorial calendars that possess additional features for an organized approach and best content audit.

Content Creation Process

Finally, the content needs to be created, published, and distributed. This is the crucial step as many brands may plan but still fail when it comes to content creation. Create a robust content creation framework which includes processes, workflows, tools, and resources that will create efficient content creators. Businesses can explore various content creation tools that increase the productivity of the content team. There are also content-providing agencies like TextMercato where brands can partner and get professional content creation services. Please visit TextMercato for all your content requirements fulfilled by over 10K vetted writers.

Measuring and Tweaking Content Marketing Strategy

Now that your business created a robust ROI-driven content marketing strategy incorporating the above elements, now it’s time to measure the content marketing metrics such as:

  • Brand awareness metrics
  • Lead generation metrics
  • SEO metrics
  • Social engagement metrics
  • Sales enablement metrics 

After measuring these key content marketing ROI statistics, your brand’s ROI on content creation can be measured and compared to the previous ROI statistics for actionable insights. Also, the Content Audit is essential for analysing the KPIs and improving content. Through content audit reports, your brand’s content from past and present can be leveraged for tweaking future content strategies which aid in optimising the company’s performance.


As the quote follows, without specific goals, there is neither destination nor progress. Businesses need to set meaningful goals and smart objectives thereby creating an effective ROI-driven content marketing strategy that has the potential to fulfil the said overall business goals. Breaking down complex ideas into simple steps and following accordingly by maintaining consistency is the key to any content marketing strategy. Brands should focus on creating the right content for the right audience at the right time through the right platform. Before execution, brands should believe in content strategy and planning for better execution. Contact TextMercato for on-demand professional content creation where strategy is well-researched and delivery is seamless.

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