How to Create Content for Every Stage of the Buyer's Journey

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Ideas to Create Content for All the Stages of Buyer's Journey

Every buyer has to go through a process before buying any goods, starting from researching the quality of the product to looking for the price. A buyer tries to understand the problem and do proper research on whether the particular product has the potential to solve the problem or not. A buyer goes through different stages, including awareness, consideration, action, and decision. In every stage, buyers come across different realisations. It is necessary to create content to take your content to the different stages of your buyer's journey. It will also help you to understand how a buyer goes through a journey before buying anything.

Why is it Necessary to Create Content for the Buyer's Journey?

One of the essential aspects of marketing strategy is to understand your customers. You can only connect your business to potential customers if you understand the needs of your customers. Apart from understanding the need, it would help if you also tried to understand the path they take to find a solution. If you start to create content strategies with an understanding of your customers, they will be able to connect to your content, leading to losing your customer eventually.

To avoid losing your customers, you should understand the stage of your buyer's journey and take the help of the medium through which you can reach them at different stages. Content marketing is a good marketing strategy through which you can approach your potential customers.

Stages of the Buyer's Journey

A person has to go through a few stages before buying any product or service. A marketer needs to catch up with the individuals in each stage to turn them into potential customers. It is only possible to reach a buyer in each stage by creating appropriate content. To create content for each stage, you must be familiar with all the stages and prepare your content accordingly. Each of these stages has been discussed below in detail:

  • Awareness Stage

At this stage, the buyer has encountered a problem and is trying to find a solution. They are searching for resources to collect information related to their problems. They are trying to understand their problems well. 

One of the examples a buyer asks at the awareness stage is, "how can I make my skin glow?" In this stage, buyers are not precisely finding the solution but are trying to be familiar with their problems. You should be able to build trust by applying content marketing strategies at this stage itself.

Awareness stage content examples are blog posts, white papers, videos, webinars, social media, etc. One of the essential features of awareness stage content is that the content should be compelling and enticing. The content should have the potential to keep your customers with you throughout the buying journey. It should be able to convince your customer that you understand their problems and can solve them. 

  • Consideration Stage

At the consideration stage, buyers will try to find a potential solution. After understanding the problem at the awareness stage, they will research various ways to solve it. They will consider the possibilities of solving the problems at this stage. An example of a query that may be asked at the consideration stage is "Whether cosmetic or ayurvedic product for a skin problem?" 

Although the buyer cannot buy the product, they are preparing themselves to resolve their problems. You should prepare more informational content for consideration stage. At this stage, you should aim to educate your clients.

This stage is crucial because your target audience will use this stage's help to make the buying decision. If they gain sufficient information at this stage, they will trust you. Therefore, this stage is essential to build trust among your target audience.

  • Decision Stage 

At this stage, the buyer has already decided on the solution, strategies, and methods to solve the problem. The buyer will compare different sellers, compare the products and decide to buy the product of a particular vendor.

A possible search query at the decision stage may be "Lakme vs. Patanjali." At this stage, buyers are ready to make a purchase, and they will go with a vendor which has been able to build trust among the customers. 

decision stage content may include a product review, case studies, testimonials, and product comparisons.

  • Post Action Stage

This is the final stage when the buyer purchases your product. Your responsibility is not only limited to making the buyer purchase your product. You should also be ready to help your customers so that they can use your product and get value out of it. You should ensure that your customer has the proper guidance to use the product in the best possible way.

To engage customers at the post-action stage, you should create content, including user guides, customer newsletters, updates on products, etc. To make your customers stick around your product, you should remind your customers of your expertise and the brand's quality. Therefore, if you want to create content at this stage, you should ensure that the content you have created has been able to retain your customers. Visit Textmercato to learn more.

How to Find Ideas to Create Content

To have the ideas to create content, you should understand the persona of the buyers. By conducting thorough research, you can create valuable content for your business. Some examples of content are

  • Blog post

A blog post can be valuable content that can help your buyer at the initial stages of the buying journey. 

  • Social Media

Promoting your products on social media can contribute enormously to creating potential customers.

  • Videos

By creating video content, you can solve many problems for your customers. Create how-to videos and bring the buyers closer to your product.


You can apply different content marketing strategies for different buyer journey stages. You should do proper research before creating any content. The success of your business depends on the success of building potential customers. Practical content marketing strategies can help your product reach potential customers. With reliable marketing strategies, you can approach your potential customers. 

We at Textmercato evaluate every stage of the buyer's journey and help you to create content that can turn your target audience into valuable customers. 

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