How to Ensure SEO Success Before Publishing Content

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How to Ensure SEO Success before Publishing Content

SEO means “search engine optimisation.” It is  the process of enhancing a website to be able to improve its visibility as a user searches for services or products related to a particular business via search engines, such as Google, Bing, and so on.

For the best SEO techniques in digital marketing, you need a complete understanding of what users need when they perform a search and also why they need the product or service that they are performing the search for. Did you know that an organic search is, in fact, the best and most highly profitable marketing technique? Well, we need to go through this content to know in detail.

Many factors contribute to the success of on-page SEO; they are:

  • Technical: This is everything that affects the visibility of the performance of, or how search engines can access a specific website. This includes crawling, indexing, schema, page structure, site speed, URL structures, etc.
  • On-page: It is the content that is displayed to the users on the webpages (images, video, audio, or text), and elements that are presented to search engines (structured data, HTML tags).
  • Off-page: Anything that is not present on your website. It is all about demonstrating and growing the website’s relevance and authority and creating an audience. Examples are social media, PPC marketing, user-created content, reviews, and so on. Visit Textmercato for further assistance in this regard.

Important Tips to Ensure that your SEO is Successful

Following are simple SEO tips for better rankings:

  • Remove Things That Slow Down Your Site: Page speed is a crucial factor in SEO. A slow page only frustrates users and eventually discourages customers from purchasing your product. Data from Strange Loop illustrates that even a one-second delay in the loading time of a page could result in a 7 percent loss of conversions. A very slow site is not a trustworthy site in the minds of most customers. 

As businesses get more aware of opportunities to generate targeted leads and also increase revenue through on-page SEO, there is a high demand for speed. So, if pages are slow, then you cannot win the battle for topmost organic listings, irrespective of the content quality or the best website design. Eliminate the elements that cause your site to slow down. Also, add only crucial widgets in the sidebar. 

  • Provide Links to Other Websites with Suitable Content: One of the best on-page SEO techniques is providing links to authoritative and relevant content pages may be bad as it takes people off your page. However, link building is essential to a smart on-page SEO strategy. This holds good as it helps the reader. You cannot expect anything from others if you are unwilling to give first.

 For example, if you need to get inbound links from other authoritative blogs, then the easiest way to do that is to demonstrate your willingness to offer links to those blogs from your own content. However, ensure only to link to content pages that provide great value. It is an excellent SEO practice. Also, you can choose to alert an influencer when you give links to their content, and if a post proves valuable to them, they will return the same favor. You must understand that link building is all about quality and not quantity. You will create more trust within your niche if you have some authoritative links instead of many poor-quality links.

  • While Writing, Think of Humans First and not Search Engines: Never prioritise the search engines over the humans who actually read your work. This is one of the most important SEO keyword tips. Rather, write engaging content for the users - people who actually take the time to read and have the money to purchase the products

Search engine spiders are just scripts — they do not purchase products, they do not engage on social media, and they will never turn into a loyal customer. When you think of users first, you will actually be writing content that helps users and that search engines actually reward as search engines, in fact, follow users and not the other way around. Also, at the same time, you will be improving the user experience and developing much trust with your audience.

  • Apply the SEO to Multiple Platforms: Along with improving the various parts of the search results, one must also apply the on-page SEO methodologies to the available platforms for users to search on. Such optimisation opportunities include:
    • Video optimisation and YouTube channel optimisation
    • App store optimisation.
    • Social media optimisation
    • Google My Business optimisation
    • Vertical search engines (for example, Yelp and Amason)


  • Keywords, Content, and Search Algorithms: Google has developed various algorithm changes and updates over the years. Two main algorithm changes are essential in terms of how we consider keywords and content:
  • Hummingbird: This update helps Google with the ability to comprehend full queries and not just distinct keywords as part of a search.
  • RankBrain: This update helps Google with the ability to comprehend queries it has never processed before and create necessary associations to decipher the full meaning of a query. It is a top-ranking factor, along with links and content.Thus, optimising for transactional queries by aiming for long-tail search keywords would be best. This specificity of keywords (even if the keyword has a low search volume) will help to create suitable content and get more traffic to a site.
  • Voice Search Optimisation: Voice search is the future. Thus, one must pay attention to changes in search behavior and shifts in search results. Begin to prepare for the future.


If you have published a post that is no longer relevant to users, particularly because of the recent Google changes, update that page. Lastly, learn to create content around long-tail search phrases and not just head keywords. Contact Textmercato and get access to experienced writers for all your content needs!

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