How to Use Interactive Content for Lead Generation

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Interactive content can boost lead generation by increasing your site's engagement and by converting the usual traffic on your site into paying customers.  Interactive content involves participation by the customers and thus makes it personalized.  Companies across the world are actively using interactive content as a strategy to grow their business.  More than one-half of marketers use content marketing in their companies.  Such content marketing can convert more than 20% of the traffic into leads, but before we get into the details of how to implement such strategies in order to boost engagement and conversion rate, let us first understand what is interactive content for lead generation.

All you need to know about interactive content for lead generation

Interactive content for lead generation is a modern solution for the ever-growing expansion and survival issues that various businesses face in today's world.  Passive reading, writing or watching has been replaced by active participation on the consumer's end.  

Interactive content means involving the user's participation or interaction on the website.  It involves videos, quizzes, contests, assessments, infographics, games, questionnaires, polls, live chats and so on. Marketers are using interactive content for lead generation tools by increasing the time people are spending on their websites to make them into paying customers by offering them a great deal of value and buyers’ overall experience.

The following  data was provided by a survey conducted by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) on interactive content:

  • More than 80% agreed that such content helps grab user attention.
  • More than 70% believed that it helps retain customer resulting in repeat visitors
  • More than 40% agreed that they have included some kind of interactive content in their marketing mix.

Content Ideas Lead Generation

Experimenting with new types of content is a major part of building a strong strategy.  With the same types of content being created over and over again, the introduction of fresh content becomes equally important.  It assists in expansion and attracting more and even better leads. To know further, you can visit the website of Text Mercato.

Types of content marketing for lead generation

  • Contests:  Who does not love a contest? Especially when they are on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and/or Pinterest.  Contests can teach a lot while engaging users, directing traffic to your website and, most importantly, generating leads.  These contests can be as simple or as complicated as you want them to be; whatever attracts attention.
  • Questionnaires:  A series of questions that are relevant to the content and which assist highly in attracting original as well as fresh traffic to the site can be a game-changer.  Such interactive content for lead generation can be in various forms, such as questions to receive relevant feedback from the consumer or a series of questions in order to determine or decode their preferences.  Such questionnaires are of great help in customizing the display on the site that would attract greater attention.  For instance, Amazon has recently introduced a feedback questionnaire mechanism that helps it in becoming more buyer-centric and customized.
  • Quizzes:  Everybody loves quizzes.  Small quizzes that are fun and relevant can increase user engagement by a great percentage.  They are a great source of interactive content for lead generation as visitors are usually required to enter their email addresses which can help the company in engaging them from time to time.
  • Infographics:  Infographics are basically visual or imagery representations of data or information. These infographics are great for managing website traffic and creating brand awareness as these types of interactive content have the potential to effectively engage with customers and persuade them to act.

Content Strategy for Lead Generation

For every industry, the introduction of qualified leads at economic costs is a challenge. Building prominent and effective lead generation strategies involve: 

  • Setting specific and attainable goals that are time bound.
  • Understanding your target audience.
  • Use keywords to attract traffic to the website. For this, SEO should be kept in mind at all times.
  • Search intent should be kept in mind.
  • Creating high-quality content like the one you get at Text Mercato is very crucial as an average person spends almost around 6-7 hours online and a major portion of that is occupied by content.
  • Regular updating is also important in order to stand distinguished and useful.

Lead Generation Campaign Examples

  • Referral Rewards are a great way of lead generation. In simple words, your customers find more customers for you! Amazing, right? Such rewards allow your most loyal customers to refer your brand and/or product to their friends and/or family, thus generating more leads.
  • Free Shipping (and/or Delivery) is another attractive campaign.  Anything free is always appreciated! And thus not charging anything for shipping or delivery is a great way of generating leads for your business.
  • Giveaways are another great way of attracting traffic to the website.  But one should always keep in mind that whatever you are giving away is only attracting your target audience.  Generally, giveaways are done through ads or pamphlets or by collaborating with influencers.

There are various other methods as well, namely, affiliate marketing, newsletters, webinars, joint ventures, The Dream 100 strategy and so on.

Content Marketing for B2B:
Another form of interactive content for lead generation is B2B.  It is the method of creating content for B2B lead generation i.e, in order to direct more and more traffic to the website, creating brand awareness as well as leads for business-to-business companies.  More than 90% of the marketers in B2B businesses use interactive content because marketing content in such a way provides great return (ie, ROI).  Blog posting, emails, and PDF whitepapers are various formats used under B2B content marketing for generating leads.

Differences between B2B and B2C Marketing:

B2C marketing of content involves a wide customer range.  Almost anyone could buy your product.  Whereas in B2B lead generation, the target audience is way more focused.  For instance, if you sell cups or mugs, you could crush it on social media platforms such as Pinterest, and Instagram.  But if you sell a resource software, say CRM, Pinterest will not help.  Also, generally different formats are used under both.  B2B uses emails, blogs, and webinars for such marketing; on the other hand, B2C involves quizzes, contests and so on. So if you want to know about interactive content feel free to visit Text Mercato . We here are ready to assist you in all possible ways.


By now you have got a detailed view of how to use interactive content for lead generation. So if you want to know more about interactive content feel free to visit Text Mercato. We here are ready to assist you in all possible ways.

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