The Pros and Cons of Writing Articles for Online Publication

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With the advancement of technology, we have been taking the help of online services to the best. If you want to write and publish an article online, it is no big deal. To stand out among the others, you need to create new and fresh content regularly. Having it written, you will be in search of a platform where you can showcase your writing. But is writing articles online beneficial, or is it a waste of time? Will you get the appraisal for your writing, or will everything go in vain? These questions might pop up in your head. You need to go through this article to get a clear concept of the pros and cons of writing and publishing articles online. Here at Text Mercato, we have many suggestions to clear your mind. 

Writing Articles and Publishing them Online: Pros, Cons, and Considerations

If you have an interest in the field of writing and want expertise in it, then there are certain points you need to keep in mind. Before becoming a writer, you must consider its pros and cons. Listed below are some pros and cons of writing articles for online platforms.


  • Enhances your vocabulary, style, and writing structure- While writing on a platform with millions of viewers, you bring out the best of your knowledge and talents.
  • Helps you reach out to the audience easily- With fresh and good article writing for an online publication, you can easily keep your website updated, making it stand out.
  • Gives you ample options: Writing and publishing articles online are different things. By publishing them online, you learn more about what is trending and what topic to write about. 


  • Inevitable working pressure: Writing articles may seem cool, but it includes a lot of hard work to bring out the best content from you.
  • Time-consuming: To write an article, you need to give a good amount of your time, thereby letting yourself interact less socially with the rest of the world.
  • Fear of losing the audience: Competitors are everywhere. Keeping the flow of writing a quality article is very challenging nowadays as your one bad article can make you lose your audience.


  • Possessing great confidence: To write an article, the first quality that one must possess is confidence. If you are confident enough about writing an article for an online publication, then there is no stopping you.
  • Effortless writing: If one can understand your article effortlessly in one read, then you have crossed the first step. With simple and understandable writing comes great effort, so you must research the topic and write in easy and simple language.
  • Experimenting: You need to experiment with yourself. Try new and different topics even outside your comfort zone so that you can realize your genre or your versatility.  

Understanding the Importance of Online Publication

While social media has advanced, digital media has taken a back step. Are you planning to be a good article writer? Are you having second thoughts about publishing it online? Then without diving into the perks of article writing, understanding the value of the online publication is a must. From time efficiency, low-cost investment, a wider platform, and a large audience to advanced digital tools, online publication is all you need. Just be focused, write a good article, and give it a shot for online publication.

Recognizing the Drawbacks and Limitations

Every coin has two sides. With all the benefits of online publication, to be a good article writer, you must also identify the drawbacks and limitations of online publications. Sometimes your articles might become outdated with fast-changing times. As several writers are emerging, your writing needs great content and vocabulary, and one of the vital drawbacks or limitations, whatever you say, is that your failure to make valuable content can leave you far behind everyone. It can also make your life monotonous and miserable to some extent if writing articles and posting them online keeps popping into your mind twenty-four-seven.

Crafting Suitable Content for Online Publication

Have the thoughts of what to write ever struck your mind? Choosing topics is more crucial than writing an article. First, know what your audience is asking, then provide information about that topic, and also add some information about topics that are relatable to it. Choosing evergreen topics is the best as it never loses its trend and is always helpful for the audience regardless of the time and age group of people.

Analyzing the Impact of Your Online Articles

Analyzing your written articles is very important. You might be wondering why to read my article again. But this is how it works. Sometimes you need to go through your article again and again to write the best-focused content without getting lost in the sea. Measuring the depths and values of your writing also enhances your ability to create more valuable content in every next article. It is said- Knowledge is power, and to have piece of good knowledge about the topic you have written, you need to analyze it, remember what topics you have covered, and bring the best out of you.

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1. What are the advantages of writing articles for online publication?

Writing an article and publishing it online helps you share your ideas and knowledge with a large audience and get an appraisal for that.

2. Are there any drawbacks to writing articles for online platforms?

Yes, there are some drawbacks to writing articles for online platforms. It requires more effort and digital equipment, it is cost-consuming, and sometimes negativity is all that prevails. 

3. How can writing articles online impact your reputation as a writer?

If you want to be a writer, then an online platform is the ultimate answer. Writing articles online keep the flow of your writing and help you gain more unique ideas about the topics too.

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