SEO and Content Marketing: How to Combine Them Effectively

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A digital marketing strategy must include SEO and content marketing as essential components. SEO and content marketing have all the tasks that assist in getting your website and content in front of people using Google to search for your goods or services. It increases internet traffic and makes your business more visible.

To draw in and keep your audience interested, employ content marketing to create and distribute pertinent, practical, and useful material. High-quality content may promote dialogue, foster relationships with your audience and community, and increase conversion.

SEO and content marketing must complement one another for a digital marketing plan to be effective. Without the other, the first one might not be as useful. For the best outcomes, it's always a good idea to mix SEO and content marketing efforts. How? Read on.

How to Combine SEO and Content Marketing?

The following are the seven insights to improve your content marketing SEO in 2022:

  • Create Content Keeping Search Engines in Mind

You should create content keeping search engines in mind. This does not imply you should cram your content with keywords like it's 2005. It entails knowing how a search engine functions and a search engine attempts to ascertain the topic of a page or blog before cataloging it appropriately.

From the perspective of content and SEO marketing, this can entail segmenting your content into several topic areas, each of which should be as narrowly targeted as possible.

For instance, you wouldn't want to put your Chevrolets and Fords on the same page if you own a car dealership and want to do heavy-duty content marketing for the brands you typically have in stock. You would have pages for both Chevrolets and Fords. Alternatively, you would have separate pages for SUVs and sedans. The more narrowly you focus, the simpler it is for a search engine to determine where it belongs in the overall scheme.

  • Optimal keyword research

Keyword research is the starting point for creating relevant content for your website and a dynamic component of SEO marketing planning. Finding the right keywords helps you get a solid idea of what your viewers are looking for online and what kind of material you should provide to meet their needs and address their concerns. 

Always ensure that you purposefully incorporate the keyword, which can be a phrase, throughout your article. Right keyword assists Google in matching your content to user searches on the search engine and enhances its ranking. Use a couple of your keywords throughout the body and in the first and last paragraphs.

  • Utilize social media for promotion

Over the past few years, there has been a significant change in user behavior on social media. People now utilize social media far more frequently before making decisions. User evaluations are becoming increasingly important due to the growth of various social media sites like YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest. 

Therefore, more than 90% of users read online reviews before making a purchase, an essential statistic for eCommerce companies. It's critical to optimize your social media for effective SEO and Content marketing, not just for natural SEO marketing but also for good traffic. Different SEO vs. content marketing strategies must be used for search engines and social media platforms because both will adhere to the rules and make it simple for people to find you. Additionally, it will undoubtedly aid in boosting your website's traffic worldwide. At Textmercato, we are ready to assist you further.

  • Create links

Backlinks are still a significant element in Google rankings. The most excellent strategy to get backlinks from authoritative websites is to provide high-quality content. A backlink is a terrific endorsement of your material by another website—traffic and authority rise.

Observe who is linking to the websites of your rivals and do some research on them. You can ask them to link to your content if you ensure it is worthwhile.

Here are a few strategies for combining SEO and content marketing to promote your goods or services online. Of course, there is a significant obligation to spread premium material successfully. Send newsletters highlighting some of your most important articles, share your blog posts on social media, and repurpose your material.

Measure the KPIs you allocated to your content, such as the organic search rankings of your website, the quantity and quality of inbound links, the quantity and quality of unique visitors, and interaction, regularly to assess how well it is performing. This will offer you the information you need to, if necessary, adjust your strategy.

  • Quality over quantit:

One of the criteria used by search engines uses information about how frequently new information is published. This does not imply that you should often post and add content to your blog. Create content that motivates, assists, educates, and inspires others. This benefits your audience, promotes you as an expert, and drives traffic to your website.

  • Increased authorship

Implementing authorship and rich snippets on your blog and website is crucial because they are crucial for both SEO and content marketing. In addition to increasing click-through rates, having your name and photo appear in Google search results will help you establish your author authority.

  • Gaining attention

Utilizing your Google Plus profile, you can configure this. Link your G page to your WordPress profile and your blog author page to the "contributor" part of G . To link back to your G profile, you may also use the rel=author attribute in a line of HTML.

Despite Google's insistence that Authorship has no direct impact on rankings, it undoubtedly increases author exposure, and rich snippets let you draw viewers' attention by leveraging the microdata you wish to be displayed.


Although SEO and content marketing involves diverse skill sets, this does not mean that each of them can be done on their own. By combining the two, you may improve your ranking and receive more search traffic while also expanding your audience and your reach.

Your company may maximize its overall marketing potential by integrating the needs of search engines and the people who use them. Keep SEO at the forefront of your thoughts when developing your next content marketing strategy regarding your research, development, promotion, and analysis. We at Textmercato help you in optimizing your web pages to the utmost.

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