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If you're a writer or have thought about being one, you've probably discussed your profession with at least one family member or friend. These discussions typically revolve around the idea that writers are proficient in all aspects of writing and well-equipped with efficient content writing tools for SEO. 

The numerous functions of content writing are that it inspires, informs, enlightens, and amuses. However, not all can conform to the template, particularly online. In the present world, SEO and creative content writing are in high demand, but they are not the same. Some people believe that a brilliant writer can easily flourish in either industry, but to imply that a football player should also be skilled at badminton would be absurd. This blog post will help you understand what is SEO friendly content writing and how to do SEO content writing seamlessly. 

So let’s get started, shall we?

What is creative writing?

Creative writing is frequently the kind of writing we are exposed to starting in school. Shakespeare, literature, and even writing our narratives are all examples of creative writing that we can study or produce on our own.

Writing is creative, as the term suggests because it deviates from the conventions of professional writing or even academic and commercial writing. Many writing techniques that emphasize creativity and uniqueness are included in creative content writing.

Through description and literary strategies, creative content aims to convey emotions, thoughts, or ideas. Poetry, novels, songs, and plays are a few examples of creative writing genres. Whether it takes the shape of non-fiction, poetry, books, video games, or even movies, creative writing is read for pleasure. When discussing work that can be seen as creative, it typically also adheres to standard literary patterns regarding its storytelling, usage of themes, and intensity of emotion.

What is content writing?

Writing content, often known as copywriting, adheres to a more defined set of guidelines than creative writing. Most of the time, writing material is done with an aim and objective in mind.

Instead of being created for self-gratification, this information is intended to be easily consumed by a specific audience and to persuade and entice the reader.

In addition, SEO-based content writing produces readable content that performs well on search engines. It entails presenting insightful advice that responds to search queries utilising keywords, headers, and bullet points.

Content writers must adhere to a particular writing style or tone and follow all the relevant SEO content writing tips that many businesses have established for their advertising material or brand campaigns.

Content writing encompasses a wide variety of writing styles, including writing for search engine optimisation, boosting conversions and sales, and generally improving a brand's or company's attractiveness to a larger audience.

Difference between SEO content vs creative content writing

If you’re wondering, Based on various variables, there is a significant difference between SEO content vs creative content. Next, we will contrast content writing with creative writing based on several factors. Below are some points that highlight the difference between SEO and content writing.


A significant distinction between SEO content vs creative content is the objective for which you are creating content. The goals of creative writing frequently include expression, amusement, and engagement. Sometimes writers will ramble on about whatever comes to mind. Writing content is performed with an objective in mind. It may involve advertising, selling, providing information, or serving other commercial objectives.


Creative writers use a vivid, imaginative, and inventive tone that may be inspired: by reality or fantasy. On the other hand, content writers create in a methodical, eloquent, factual, and educational manner.


Depending on the style of writing and the writer's attitude, creative writing takes on a variety of tones. The author can select the tone that works best for their piece. 

It can be joyful, emotional, frightful, painful, consoling, hopeful, sad, and other things. The artist is not constrained to an "acceptable" tone. Content writers must adhere to a set brand tone, whether they are independent contractors or employed by a web page writing agency. There are frequently few choices.

SEO-based content writing frequently has an objective, serious, upbeat, and informational tone. Today, content writers certainly give their style a creative twist, but to what extent is it up to the customer?

Creative freedom

When it comes to creative control, there is yet another major difference between SEO content vs creative content. Comparatively speaking, creative writers have much greater artistic freedom than content writers. They have control: over the composition's length, tone, style, format, and goal.

Additionally, they are given the artistic leeway to embellish, use imagery, and use figurative language they like. Although they might be creative, content writers must adhere to SEO and writing standards. In the latter, increasing the targeted audience's visibility and ability to read the content is critical.

Why is SEO content writing important?

Effective digital advertising includes SEO or search engine optimisation. When searching, Internet users hunt for information or services that meet their needs. Google undertakes the legwork to locate relevant, high-quality information to address their particular search requests.

Complex Google's algorithms examine the- content of websites to decide whether or not such articles would be a better match. Search engines seek for well-written SEO material to best serve users. Quality writing, descriptive content, and keywords are frequently used in this type of content creation, like the way we do at Textmercato.

Final Words 

While SEO content creation is done with mind readers, creative content writing: is written for readers' pleasure. The answer is based on your motivation for writing. Are you planning to do it for fun? Do you not worry as much about its viability from a business standpoint? Do you want to amuse people?

If so, creative writing is the best course of action. However, content writing is what you should do if you want to publish to inform readers, express your thoughts, and assist businesses in reaching their target audiences.

Based on business viability, there is a sizable distinction between content writing and creative writing done on free SEO content writing software. Since its work helps firms generate revenue, content writers may receive upfront payments and perhaps some bigger sums.

And if you are looking for the best SEO content writing service in the industry, Textmercato can be your perfect partner. With various SEO tools for content writing paired with top-notch writers, you’ll get quality content timely that will help boost your online visibility and bottom line.

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