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When it comes to setting up an online catalogue to sell products, most companies tend to focus their immediate attention on creating a highly attractive landing page. While the importance of the landing page should not be underestimated, it is ultimately the product page which drives the customer to decide whether they’re going to buy the product or not.

A good product page must be able to grab the customers’ attention while giving all the relevant information about the product to convince them to buy it. Catalogue marketing includes using the right sales and marketing tools to attract the customer and make it easier for them to find exactly what they are looking for and purchase it.

Here, we are going to go through 10 product page designs of various companies that do exactly that and delve into how they accomplish this.

1. Oreo

When it comes to marketing cookies, you will agree no other company does it better than Oreo. Surely, every one of us has seen the various creative ads that they put out on various media platforms. They have successfully branded themselves as the go-to cookie for any happy occasion.

This carries over to their product page as well. As soon as you open any one of their product pages, you are greeted with an extremely eye-catching and vibrant display of the various flavours and forms in which you can get that particular product. Even though the cookies themselves are mostly just black and white, Oreo uses a variety of bright colours and designs to emphasise on the happiness quotient of their cookies. They have even added links on their product pages leading you to extremely creatively done animated videos showing how they choose their flavours and where they come from. Even the way these videos are animated gives you a childlike nostalgia and a feeling of home.

2. Volkswagen

Volkswagen goes for a slightly different approach when it comes to designing their product pages. They try to get the customer much more involved while they select the car that they want to own. They do this by making the product page highly interactive for the customers.

When a customer clicks on any one of their products, they are taken to a page wherein they can customise the product according to their likes and dislikes based on the available options. The page allows the customer to change the vehicle colour, type of interiors, sunroofs and even the type of rims or wheel cups that are available. This gives the customer a good idea about how their car would look and feel and also tells them what price to expect it to be.

3. Fitbit Charge 3

Fitbit takes a more customer-centric approach to building their product page. They understand exactly who their customers and they base their product page design to attract them personally. Since most people who buy Fitbits are athletic or highly active people, they have included pictures of people running and hiking while wearing their products. Below this, they have included a list of features that the wearable provides.

What’s interesting about this list of features is that it focuses on the features that the targeted audience tends to give importance such as a long battery life, a screen bright enough to be easily visible outdoors, a waterproof casing, the integrated heart rate sensor and so on. They even provide a link to their Lookbook at the bottom of the page which allows you to try out different looks and bands with your wearable.

4. Suzy Q

This small but very successful doughnut shop based in Ottawa, Canada has given a really nice personal touch to every single element of their product page. As such, every picture of doughnuts on their product catalogue has been cropped around the edges of the doughnut perfectly to contrast with the minimalistic background. This alone gives it a really immersive feel for the customers as they scroll along and choose their doughnuts.

In addition to this, even their shopping cart is called a box and has been designed to make you feel like you are picking out each of your doughnuts from the store by hand and putting them in the box.

5. Best Made Company

Best Made is a company that specialises in building expertly designed and long-lasting tools for all purposes.

All across their catalogue, we see beautifully designed product pages for every one of the products that they offer. Under each product, they have captured beautifully written product descriptions which are both expansive and talk about every single feature of the product. Coupled with these product descriptions are very aesthetically shot pictures of their products. The way in which these pictures are shot and presented alone makes for a very pleasant viewing experience. They have also very strategically kept their “Add to Cart” button right at the very top and in bright colours to catch the eye of the customer immediately.

6. Johnny Cupcakes

This clothing company uses a very playful approach when it comes to their catalogue marketing. They call themselves “the world’s first t-shirt bakery” and it extends over to their marketing language since they funnily label their latest releases as “freshly baked”.

They use a very minimalist design when it comes to their product pages and overall website design. Their playful approach can also be seen in the photographs that they use to showcase their products. Most of the photographs are of real people wearing the t-shirts in fun poses.

Another clever tactic that they employ is showing the amount of stock left in their inventory. This tends to push people to buy products immediately out of the fear of not being able to purchase it later.

7. Vintage Teaworks

This is a company that focuses on creating handcrafted tea flavours while drawing inspiration from various senses and flavours such as seasons, or even wines. Since the company knows that most of their customers are tea connoisseurs, they have very cleverly put the instructions for steeping each kind of tea right between the buttons for sharing on social media and the “Add to Cart” button, thereby increasing the chances of a customer purchasing the item and sharing what they feel about it online.

They also employ a subscription model, which ensures that customers keep coming back and guarantees some regular sales every single month. Their excellent review system also bolsters customer faith in the brand.

8. Orangina

This brand, which serves carbonated orange juice has been around for more than the last 80 years. Even though they only sell a total of 4 products, their website is still a great pleasure to browse through. They do this by making every single element of their website bright, eye-catching and animated. The entire website consists of blocks containing various sets of information. Some of these blocks are each of their products, while others hold little bits of information about their products and heritage. Every one of the blocks is animated, with the bottles in some fizzing as you hover your mouse over them, and others are giving you more tips and more information about the product.

This method is a great way of filling up space on the product page if you only have a limited number of products on display. 

9. Perfect Keto

This website is the perfect example of how you can make your product page eye-catching and attractive while keeping it looking plain and minimalistic.

They use a very light background, and plain bold text throughout which contrasts with their brightly coloured products in a nice but subtle way. They also employ a subscription model, but here the difference is that they display how much money a customer is likely to save with their different subscription schemes. This motivates the customer to choose a subscription over just ordering each product as they need it.

10. Harry’s

Harry’s is a grooming company for men which sells razors and other related paraphernalia. They’re known for pricing their extremely high-quality products at very low prices.

Similar to Suzy Q they also remove the background around their products to give the entire product page a more immersive feel and this helps make each product stand out more, especially when it comes to their grooming sets. They also show their shipping and handling fees upfront on the product page instead of showing it at the very end when the customer is about to pay. 


The examples described above use several different kinds of techniques to make their product pages stand out. The visual aspect of any product page should never be understated. Finding the right balance between all the techniques available to the brand is the key to designing a product page which attracts customers and motivates them to buy that brand’s product.

The best way to create your product page is to carefully analyse your customer base and figure out what aesthetic goes well with your particular product.

What are your thoughts on your product page design?

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