What Is the Content Marketing Strategy to Drive Leads and Sales?

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What is the Content Marketing Strategy for Leads and Sales?

A successful business generation program backed by the most advanced technology could be ineffective if the content strategy is not aligned with the buyer's needs. Drafting and customising content is not about filling up web pages that will appear on search engines. It is all about giving the audience the prospects they are looking for, relevant information and valuable insights to develop a relationship. Right from generating traffic, building trust with the audience, striking a chord with the target audience and generating leads. The best way to achieve all this is through a solid content marketing strategy to drive leads and sales to get maximum conversions. 

Over 70% of B2B marketers vouch for content marketing strategies to drive sales. A well-documented and structured content marketing strategy to drive leads only enhances one’s odds of success. To begin with, let us understand what is a content marketing strategy. A content marketing strategy is where the entire team, including the content creators, editors and, strategists, editors, are brought to the same page. A content marketing strategy helps to measure and optimise the efforts that you put in to generate leads and sales and sets you on the road to success. Content marketing for lead generation has been seen as a sure ingredient for success as it builds a profile for the client, luring them to engage in business.

There are a few tips that will help to improve your content marketing strategy for various types of lead generation. Read on to learn more about the perfect recipe for a well-crafted content marketing strategy to drive leads and sales. The article will help you learn about the tips and finer aspects of how to generate leads through content marketing:

1. Basis of the strategy must be to add value

Lead generation, content ideas and a structured approach are integral to offering value to the audience. It is important to understand that it is vital to pack a punch in everything that one creates and offers. ‘Preach what you practice’ must be the mantra you follow when it comes to a content marketing strategy to drive leads. It is important to educate the audience about what they need and packs in every bit of detail. Every aspect counts and brings the audience closer to you, just like how things happen at  Textmercato.

2. Base decisions on data and statistics

Gather as much data and statistics that are relevant to your business. Content marketers need to gather data and steer direction. Surveys, research and studies help to devise a content marketing lead program which can be structured into blogs, videos, podcasts and webinars. Moreover, one webinar could see attendees who want more, and the feedback could lead to further relevant webinars and written content. Each of these is a different form of content creation and content development. With a good idea of data and statistics, you can devise a content marketing strategy to drive leads and sales.

3. Support your strategy with search intent and keywords that your audience lacks

Including search intent keywords and key aspects helps in SEO writing and covers what the audience needs. By writing for the audience or client, one can see improvements in conversion rate. Keyword research helps in content development. Writing what the audience wants to read is what is key. The content marketing strategy must be flexible. It is important to tweak the content development plan as per the need of the hour. A good content marketing strategy to drive leads is one that keeps updating and targets the audience from time to time.

4. Do not ignore long-tail keywords

If keywords are important, then long-tail keywords are of equal importance. Some can be 3-5 words long or even a phrase. So, for example, try weaving content around ‘marketing techniques for small-scale businesses’ instead of targeting marketing techniques. It is important to drill down and gather data on the long-tail keywords to create customised content that will attract top-tier clients. Long tail keywords play a very important role in a content marketing strategy to drive leads, as customers need answers for the smallest query.

5. Explore updated keyword research tools

Content marketing strategy to drive leads can be improvised with new keyword research tools. One can test tools and try the demo before incorporating them into the strategy. Target audience searches for their content using several keyword research tools.

6. Audit content on site and make changes

Content audit, refreshing and updating are other key aspects of a solid content marketing strategy. Upgrading content is a very effective method to improve performance for content creation. Culling and consolidating pages that are not generating results will help convert clients and those who have drifted away. Again a content marketing strategy to drive leads is not one which is set in stone and is not eligible to change. An audit will help to create more visits and turn them into conversions.

7. Content refresh must be an added feature

Sometimes it helps to refresh the entire content. One needs to revisit the content, rewrite it entirely or make those subtle changes which will make all the difference. Look at the keywords, prioritise them and add content accordingly.

8. Line up the service level page with sales messaging

Make sure the service page stands out. Aligning service pages with sales messaging helps to let clients know how you operate. It may seem like a secret recipe being disclosed, but it generates a higher conversion rate. This does not mean revealing one’s content marketing strategy to drive leadsbut it helps to add more to the business.

9. Consider adding podcasts to the content marketing strategy

Many people love listening to podcasts as things are being communicated directly. Audio content on sites is really effective and improves chances of success. Podcasts enhance output opportunities and also generate leads. Podcasts could generate business by creating personal links, and it is all about generating smarter content and finding unique ways to position oneself. Podcasts have become a very important aspect of a content marketing strategy to drive leads as they are relatable, and people engage more when there is auditory input.

10. Work on video shots

Just like podcasts, videos can be of great help too. Most blogs that feature videos deliver results. However, videos must be short and engaging. Make sure it packs the essential ingredients in a short length of time to engage the viewer. Watching a video is easy now with technology, and video shots could be one of the strong aspects of a content marketing strategy to drive leads.

11. Do not ignore social media

It is vital to build importance on social media platforms today. The usage of applications like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram has risen considerably. To grow social visibility, create personalised content with graphics, and hashtags, tag users and engage with the audience. Any content marketing strategy to drive leads that do not include social media is sure to see a plummet in sales.


Making a change or revisiting your content marketing strategy may not sound like an interesting proposition to you. One may consider it a waste of time. However, experimenting with proven tactics that will guarantee results will always bring out new possibilities. Focusing on the value of the content marketing strategy can become an effective part of the lead generation process and function. A well-organized and well-aligned content strategy will help in achieving goals and returning value to the business. It will definitely deliver the lead that your brand needs. Get started with Textmercato today and get the results you want.

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