The Dos and Don'ts of Writing Engaging Content for Your Website

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Good, better, best: out of this if you were to choose one, everyone would obviously choose the best. And same is the case for content. With so much information on the internet, readers easily get bored if your content isn’t engaging. So, if you are looking for some extraordinary ways to stand out and present super-engaging content on your website, then Text Mercato can help you with it. Here is one such engaging content that does not brag about but clearly pinpoints the dos and don'ts of writing engaging content for your website. So, let’s get started!

Why does engaging content matter?

Let me put forth a question: have you ever watched a movie that kept you on the edge of your seat, or read a book that you just couldn't put down? That feeling of being completely engrossed in the content is what we call engagement, and it's absolutely crucial when it comes to creating any content that people actually want to consume.

With so much information available at our fingertips, it's easy to get lost in a sea of bland, boring content that fails to capture our attention. That's why it's more important than ever to create content that truly stands out from the crowd.

A plate of biryani is more engaging than a plate of plain rice, do you agree? So, spicing up your content to make it engaging will increase consumption and hence calls for your desired action.

Tips: Too much spice might not only spoil your briyani but also your content! 

Defining your target audience

However tasty it is, you cannot serve chicken briyani to a strict Brahmin and the same is the case for content. Your content should be crafted carefully according to your target audience and for it, you should define your target audience. 

To define your target audience, you will need to analyze:

  • market research results
  • demographics
  • psychographics
  • behavior patterns
  • current customer base
  • competitors

By defining your target audience, your content will not only be engaging but also help meet their needs and interests. It will in turn help you attract and retain customers, increase brand awareness, and achieve your business goals.

Tips: Investing time toward defining your target audience will help you yield success!

Dos for creating engaging content

Dos for creating engaging content.png

What do you observe here?

1. It’s concise and relevant.

2. It is visually captivating.

So, that covers the dos of writing engaging content. Let’s explore them a little more.

  • Using storytelling to captivate your audience

Rather than relying on facts, numbers, and features to promote your products or service, you shall use storytelling in your website content to connect it with your specific target audiences. By doing so you can build an empathetic connection with your audiences thereby enhancing their trust in you and your brand.

  • Keeping your content concise and relevant

As mentioned earlier, to keep your content engaging, the content that you put in must be simple, concise, and relevant so that it gets the right amount of attention from your target audiences. By doing so, you can tailor your content to meet the specific needs and interests of your audiences, which can help keep them engaged and interested in what you have to say.

  • Leveraging visual content to enhance your message

By incorporating images, infographics, videos, and any such visual elements into your content, you can convey complex ideas and emotions more effectively than words. Again, this will enhance engagement. 

  • Be consistent

Being consistent is very essential for your content engagement to be consistent. By regularly producing high-quality content that is relevant and valuable to your target audience, you can establish trust, increase brand awareness, maintain engagement, and improve your search engine rankings.

Don'ts for creating engaging content

While we looked into a few things that can be done to write engaging content, here are a few things that we should completely avoid to cater to the same.

  • Jargon and technical terms

It is essential to avoid using any jargon or industry-specific terms that would complicate things for your audiences to comprehend them rightly. Yes, audiences may not be really interested in investing time to decode it thereby it turns your readers off.

  • Clickbait and false claims

It is essential to avoid using clickbait and false claims because clickbait and false claims are the most irritating things that immediately put off the readers' mood. Not only that, but it also affects your credibility and makes your target audience lose trust in you. 

  • Too much information

As we mentioned earlier, the content should be concise and never overload with a lot of information. This will help you keep your audience engaged and make your message easier to understand and remember.

Now that we understood both the dos and don’ts for writing engaging content, you are just one step away from writing engaging content. Still one step away? Yes, please check out our guide to creating content for SEO which will help you craft engaging content for SEO. If you are still stuck somewhere, just click on and get it sorted. Happy writing!


1. What are some dos for writing engaging content? 

Here are some of the dos that we should follow when writing engaging content: 

  • use storytelling to captivate your audience
  • keep your content concise and relevant
  • leverage visual content to enhance your message
  • be consistent

2. What are some common mistakes to avoid when writing engaging content? 

Here are some of the common mistakes that one should avoid when writing engaging content:

Avoid using:

  • Jargon and technical terms
  • Clickbait and false claims
  • Too much information

3. Why is engaging content important for my website?

Engaging content is important for any website to drive in desired results that you are looking for. In simple words, we can say that engaging content is an essential component of any successful website.


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