Don’t Have Time To Write Fresh Content? Revamp Existing Content And Boost Organic Traffic!


We bet you have plenty of articles and blogs on your website at the moment, which could be doing better but are not! They are not ranking well on search engine results pages (SERPs), they don’t yield you enough traffic, and subsequently, they don’t contribute to total conversions!

Let’s stop there for a minute and think about it – what can you do about it?

Writing fresh and unique online content over and over again takes time, effort and lump sums of money. You could spend weeks writing a lengthy, in-depth guide and eventually be outranked by a much more concise blog you wrote earlier. Do you know why? Because search engines are unpredictable! You cannot post a blog on your website and forget about it. Instead, you need to monitor its performance from time to time, analyse what is and is not working and keep revising it.

Revamping does not mean Repurposing!

Now, don’t confuse revamping with repurposing website content. When you revamp a content writing piece online, you want to update it so that it remains relevant and fresh to your audience. The purpose of your content still remains the same, but a few additional elements can make it more attractive to your readers. And plugging in additional keywords (head, mid-tail and long-tail alike), and focusing on internal and external linking, are always appreciated by Google.

Repurposing the content includes one of the following (or sometimes both) actions:

  • Revising the format of the content – such as converting a blog into an infographic
  • Changing the target audience – such as rewriting the blog written for SMBs for a different type of business

If you don’t want to struggle to find freelance writers to do the job for the lack of experienced in-house writers, you can get in touch with content writing agencies who work with professional content writers experienced in their fields and proficient in SEO content writing.

Either way, here’s how you can revamp your existing content and save time on SEO content writing.

1. Find Out Top Landing Pages and Rejig Your  Online Content Writing

This is the easiest but most important step towards revamping your existing content for increased organic traffic. All you have to do is find out your top landing pages (first 100) on Google Analytics and review the content. Then ask yourself - 

  • Which posts have little content and a large amount of traffic?
  • Can you add value content to these posts and make them more informative

Although be mindful that the results you get from Analytics will be for your entire website and not just your blog pages. In a way, it’s good because now you will know where you need fixings and can optimize your entire website for organic traffic.

2. Increase the Word Count In Your Content Writing Copy

Once you have chosen the pages you want to revamp, a great way to start is by increasing the word count.  An important thing to note while you write is to make sure that the words add value. Just increasing the word count and not adding relevant information will simply confuse readers and make your page less attractive resulting in even lesser engagement.

One way to bump up your word count is by exploring additional information that could add up to the overall blog content and further elaborating on ideas you have already expressed.

3. Increase the Keyword Density and SEO Content

Increasing the word count also gives you the opportunity to put more keywords on your web page. SEO writing is key to organically increasing the traffic on websites. Every time someone searches for your target keyword, the results are reflected based on the relevancy of the keywords and how well they are used on the web pages, among many other aspects.


Revamping your website content from time to time is a good way to not only keep abreast with the changing Google's SEO algorithms but also help you attract and convert more users from the same buyer persona. It requires constant effort and timely reminders, so go ahead and set up a calendar for yourself or your online marketing manager.

If you don’t have time or falling short on your internal team, you can always reach out to content writing agencies that are very well-equipped with professional content writers who are experts in their fields and understand SEO content very well.

Got any questions for us on how to write awesome SEO content for your website that your readers love to read?


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